Tom Huber
ISBN 978-3-907350-12-6
116 Seiten
Biel/Bienne, 2022
Breite: 14.5 cm
Länge: 21 cm
Fotos und Design: Tom Huber
Auflage: 100 nummerierte Exemplare 

Approx. 300 street dogs live in the small fish and surf village Imsouane in Morocco. They live a happy life and are kept healthy by the organization Imsoneproject. Tom Huber, an artist based in Zürich, Switzerland, followed them with his camera. This book is a collaboration between Animals and Humans.


Tom Huber graduated from the Artschool Gerrit Rietveld Academie  in Amsterdam in 2002. He has since been making his own art and music  as well as working on various international assignments ( photography and music performance / composition)

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