Yanik Soland
ISBN 978-3-907350-13-3
Concept: Aljoscha Lanz / Yanik Soland
Design: Aljoscha Lanz
Drawings: Yanik Soland 
Text: Cassidy Toner 
Proofreading: Sarah Wiesendanger
Printing: Druckerei Dietrich Basel 

Bookbinding: Buchbinderei Flügel Basel

Gedruckt im März 2023 in einer Auflage von 100 signierten und nummerierten Exemplaren

Slip of the eye

When I see Yanik’s work I’m met with a sense of familiarity that I’ve otherwise been unable to articulate. It’s the sensation I have whenever I’m struck by the limitations of my own vision. The moments of glimpsing something out of my peripheral at dusk and being unable to decide if it was a shadow or a Sasquatch. I’m growing more and more suspicious of my eyes everyday. They purposefully avoid showing me my nose. It’s been directly in my line of sight for my entire life, but they won’t let me see it.
Cassidy Toner

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