HORTUS 2018-19
ISBN 978-3-9525145-0-4
Artist Book
140 pages
Biel/Bienne, 2019
Run: on demand
Width: 19 cm
Height: 19 cm
Language: E
Text: Erik Dettwiler
Intro: Angelika Stepken
Photography: Erik Dettwiler
Graphic Design: Erik Dettwiler

The Villa Romana garden in Florence extends its surface over a rectangular sloping area along the Via Senese. The garden is vested in typical Florentine elements. In the form of huge bay leaf hedges, which in good parts are intersecting the grounds and confining the main square in front of the Villa, where the renowned German artistic residency program (The Villa Romana Prize) is located since 1905. Other areas of the garden are defined of meadows, scattered with stretches of trees and feral hedges. A vast olive groove runs along the northwestern confinement, echoing an antique Arcadia. And yet there are many hidden corners in the garden’s entirety to be discovered. This brief series of photographs and its themes are interconnecting with an almost 10 months period of direct access to the Villa’s garden, which in itself is an indulging affirmation of this enchanting realm.
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