Trmasan Bruialesi


The Königsberg Vedutas
20 pages
18 images
Biel/Bienne, 2024
Length: 19 cm
High: 21 cm
Language : Deutsch / Englisch
Run : 20
Print: RISO
Dear Paul,

The junkyard at the end of the street was chaotic today. The owner of the place, whom my neighbor claims is an emigrant, possibly a Russian-German, spent hours smashing piles of old glass with the universal grabber of his excavator. This drove me, not so much because of the noise, but because of the apparent pointlessness of his actions, first to a state of fury, then out the door, and onto the junkyard. The man in the cabin of his machine saw me gesticulating, but it almost seemed to me as if he was pleased with my presence, as if he had been expecting me. The engine died, and his gaunt figure emerged from the cabin. "Kyrill is already waiting," said the man, smiling somewhat sheepishly, and pointed to a barrack at the other end of the site. What would you have done in my situation, dear Paul? (...) 
Trmasan Bruialesi
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