Habib Afsar,
Ipshita Maitra,
Mara Züst


ISBN 978-3-907350-22-5
Format: 170 x 240 mm,
64 pages
Concept: Habib Afsar, Ipshita Maitra, Mara Züst
Pictures, writing and drawings: Habib Afsar, Ipshita Maitra, Mara Züst
Editing: Mirjam Wirz
Graphic design: Alfonso Santiago, in collaboration with Mirjam Wirz as well as Habib
Afsar, Ipshita Maitra, and Mara Züst
Proofreading: Shiuli Subaya, Christian Schweizer
Image processing: Jan Kiesswetter
Printing and production: Silverpoint Press, Mumbai  
Run: 500

Supported by
Pro Helvetia
Intimate Borders of Liminal Love is a book born from a journey undertaken by three artists from separate continents. In the autumn of 2023, Habib Afsar from Pakistan, Ipshita Maitra from India and Mara Züst from Switzerland came together in the Swiss mountains to collaboratively explore the topic of borders – an arbitrary line that separates, belonging to neither side, yet a place of possible intimacy. The following weeks led to questions of practice, purpose, and authorship, bringing to the fore thoughts about the baggage we carry, the boundaries and borders that separate us, and the healing that takes place through confrontation and collective energy as well as in nature.
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